The Viral Dance

In 2018 Jason was approached by Ludvig Daae and Joanna Nordahl to collaborate on an animated sequence for their exhibition.

Jason animated a 4 minute video which was dubbed the “Hyper Sex Fever Dream”. The video featured Daae and Nordahl take the place of Adam and Eve in paradise, then they’re swept away into a cyber wasteland where their bodies are transformed into these alien like creatures with exaggerated feautred and sexual presence.

The Viral Dance was a collaborative exhibition which also presented new works from NYC based 3D artist Nicole Ruggiero, poet and playwright Nick Drake (UK), Sydney based textile artist Jedda Daisy Culley, as well as textile art from Ehryn Torrell (CAN), paintings by Daniel Taylor (CAN), an installation by Chrisander Brun (NOR), a virtual gallery by Theo Nordahl (SWE) as well as wearable art pieces by Tove Berglund (SWE) and new music from Swedish composer William Rickman (aka Weirdsville).